Being Creative with the Shed

Hi All,

I have a property in Croydon, Victoria on which i am currently applying for a backyard subdivision. Now on this property i have a very good quality shed measuring approx 12m * 6.5m. This was installed previously by the original owners of the house barely 3 years back on a concrete slab. Has two large windows and two doors.

Now due to subdivision i will have to obviously remove this shed from this property and try to sell it through trading post or such. This is being the default option.

However i was thinking if i could be creative with it and relocate it to my another investment property in the neighbouring suburb(Boronia) which has a huge backyard as well(but is not subdivisable). What possible uses could i put this shed to?:

1 - Offer as a Storage rental
2 - Convert it into a small unit
3 - Any other options??????

What are pro and cons of the above options and are they possible at all?

Any suggestions and opinions welcome.

Any help guys??? Or any previous posts where this has been discussed before. I did a search but haven't been able to find anything suitable.

I did a search on and there were garages/sheds available for rent from $50/week onwards but they tend to be in inner/middle suburbs. Do you think there will be demand for these in the outer suburbs as well?
let tenants use it

If you transfer it, you could let tenants use it - especially if it's nice and clean it might make a great games room. Okay, no direct extra return but happy tenants... and possibly a tiny bit more rent.

You'd need council permission to turn it into a unit I'd think... and maybe even to put it up in the new back yard.
Out the back-o-Bourke u could probably get willing tenants, but Melbourne is a different story, especially if an Insurance claim needed to be made.
Can u use it as a garage and rent out the garage?
U could turn it into a gym, or office, or music room, or storage.....Just some ideas.

Converting it into a habitable unit might be expensive and even not possible legally.

At this stage i think the best option will be to offer it to the new tenants(after the current one vacates) for an additional 25-45$/week or else i can offer it to a third party as i will be fencing out the area...They can use it as a storage, garage etc.