Best for rent return ???

Ok guys. Starting to crunch some numbers to put a house on the back of my existing 1000sqm ip.

If all things are equal would a 3 bed 3 living be better than a 4 bed 2 living or vice versa.
At this stage I'm going for a more basic house as I believe you could go crazy on fitout quality and not achieve much more rent.

House also has a two way bath and double garage.
So what do we think.

3 bed 3 living or 4 bed 2 living.

4brm beats 3brm everytime

Cool I was thinking along the same lines.
The layout suffers a bit with the 4 bedder but rooms achieve rent I believe.

One thing that might make the choice a litte harder is a three bedder with ensuite and 3 livings or 4 bedder two livings and two way bath ????

I'm still thinking 4 bedder.
Ensuites do add value and so does a 4th bedroom. Not so much the multiple living areas - unless it can be used say as in-law accom.

You should ask a couple of REAs in your area what would add the most value (in the eyes of buyers or renters in your particular marketplace) ensuite or brm #4.

All the best with it.
I would just add that having turned our three bedroom one bathroom queenslander into a four bedroom one bathroom house, we found some renters (mainly singles living together) decided they needed more living areas.

This house has only one large lounge/dining area, and a few people were looking for a "separate" area to get away from each other. We turned the large enclosed front verandah into a separate bedroom, with a new front door cut into the vestibule. These tenants are using the front verandah/fourth bedroom as a study.

Luckily this house has a huge deck off the back, so it was rented by three singles who were happy that the deck really is a separate living area for most of the Brisbane year, but we did find it a bit of a problem for a few prospective tenants.

I think asking a local agent is the best idea, both from a "selling" and "renting" point of view. You will need to compromise in some area, and I think you need to pick the compromise that suits your plans for the house.