Best Iphone App Creation ever – Augmented reality

For the last few weeks i have been reading a lot of news about this new technology called "augmented reality." And now a number of iphone apps using this technology starting to hit the market.

Most people will be unfamiliar with this technology so let me try and break it down for you. Remember those scenes in the Terminator movies that showed us what the world looked like through Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cyborg eyes? Shapes and individuals were recognized and tracked, with a layer of information superimposed on top.

Augmented-reality apps for the iPhone 3GS and some Android handsets can now do essentially the same thing, thanks to a few key components. Because of GPS, these devices know where you are. And because of accelerometers and built-in compasses, they know where you’re pointing. Add an Internet connection, and augmented-reality apps can start describing what you’re looking at in real time.

AR apps are so new, only a few yet exist. However, the implications of this new technology not only on the property and real estate industry are going to be phenomenal.

If you still do not get the concept i got a few video. let me know if you think this is as crazy as i do???
It'll be interesting when the software uses the exact 3D landscape that you're pointing at and inserts other 3D objects. eg. Imagine pointing it at an empty park bench and seeing an overlay image of a man sitting there feeding birds.

Of course, the frame rate will have to get a lot faster than what it shows in those YouTube videos you linked to.
These apps have been around on Android for several months (I have four on my phone), so I've been following this field with interest.

There's unlimited scenarios for real-estate applications. A few off the top of my head:

1. Open-inspection tour: Phone navigates you from one open-inspection to another. The list of houses can be either selected by you or calculated to fit the requirements you set.

2. Proximity alerts: When driving around, phone could beep to indicate that there is an open inspection nearby. Would work really well on Android as you can have apps running in the background 24/7. For iPhone you would simply start the app running before your journey.

3. Large commercial property tour: With GPS locating you within 10m, your phone could give you a self-guided tour of a large site or multi-story building, flashing up notes about different areas that you point the phone at.

The cost of Android developer entry is from zero (in an emulator) up to about $700 to buy a phone and publish apps, so the sky's the limit really for anyone with a good idea and some time.
The entry cost for an iPhone developer is pretty low too. You need to buy:
  • An Apple Mac. (The SDK isn't available on other platforms.)
  • An iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • A $100 (might be more in Oz) annual subscription to publish.
I'm sceptical about iPhone and Android development as a way of making a living. There are too many people doing the same thing, and outside of the top ten apps, no one really makes money.

(Oh, I'm a registered iPhone developer, so I have got some skin in the game.)