Best Roofing material

I am building a house in WA in Bentley. I am wondering which is the best material for roof - Colorbond, concrete tiles, clay tiles or Zincalumante. What are the pros and cons of each - durability, thermal insulation, current trends, costs, maintenance costs, suitability to Perth climate. I am not too concerned about noise on Colorbond roofs
Personally I would choose colorbond. I've had a home with tiles and every time there was heavy rain there were wet patches all over the ceiling where the tiles leaked. Also you can get a much better profile with colorbond, and I just think it is a lot more contemporary
horses for courses... some modern house look great with colourbond... others are better with tiles.

All of my places are concrete tiles.... green, black, red and so on.... but yeah, maintenance is painful when careless people walk around on the roof breaking tiles and not bothering to tell the owner :(
hi all
look at ritex roofing
steel, insulated and then steel and is very strong but its roofs for a job and there is no one type