Best solicitor location?

Quick question for the experts!

If I am in Brisbane and looking to buy a property in regional Qld.

For any easy settlement, should I use my normal solicitor here, or one local to the property?

I *think* the answer is 'local to the property', but want to be sure.

Personally, I'd be using one in Brisbane. Some (not all) country solicitors are just hopeless - which is why they are in the country, some of them.:rolleyes:

Settlement is usually done, depending where the vendor's lender's office is, in the city anyway. And if you need to sign docs & live in Brissy it is easy to pop in and sign if your solicitor is too.
As a solicitor myself, I'd definetely recommend your normal brissie solicitor.

You have dealt with them before and they understand you and your needs, the only thing that will probably happen in the regional town is the settlement, for which your solicitor will engage a local town agent to essentially swap the documents - the cost of this is minimal!

Alternatively, its not unheard of for your solicitor to sweet talk to other side into settling in Brisbane - who knows!