Beware of spruikers

With many states experiencing cyclical upturns spruikers are returning in the truckload.

I agree with those citing the gross amounts of money e.g. $5k to attend seminars run by people who say they could retire tomorrow. They also claim that due to their success they have an obligation to contribute back to society.

If that was the case the seminar would be free. Beware of spruikers, they are only interested in their bottom line not yours. Spruikers mix together, plan together, and market together. For themselves not for the investor.

Also be wary of cheaper seminars, like the expensive ones they always try to onsell you something much much more expensive than the cost of the seminar itself.

It's sad to see many businesses and their owners that once offered particular niche services e.g. development, tax, accounting, renovating, now concentrating on presenting seminars charging exobitant amounts for material which has information available for free in other places e.g. library.

Educate yourself, read books, use Youtube, mix with like minded people. It's all free!

The only information you need is buy well and hold. Boring but effective.

Beware any seminar or book which uses the word 'Secrets' in the title. There are no secrets just information you don't know about yet. Information is readily available-that's no secret!
I believe so. We haven't and won't experience anything like the other countries have in terms of credit crunch and unemployment. I do believe though that our unemployment hasn't bottomed out which will curb the rate of recovery.

There are though unique conditions in Australis which still makes property investment appealing
Unemployment is not that bad
Immigration levels are still high
Banks are strong and are lending (I'm testament to that on just above average wage)
Undersupply of land.
First home owner incentive

Even when they take the FHOG away entirely we still have a tax system favourable to the investor ie incentives.

There are bargains to be had and now is a great time to invest (as is always-there is just better times than others), as long as you don't over commit.