Bid without having really seen the place?

We discovered a property on Sunday that seems to do what we want from a numbers point of view... long term tenants paying good rent, low fees etc, in the locale we're after.

Only problem is, the auction is next Saturday and the Agent has advised we won't be able to have a look at it except for the 30 min period before Auction.

Would people go ahead and bid in this situation (if our brief tour looks OK), or is it too risky to proceed based simply on one 30 min visit?

Just after peoples' thoughts!! Thanks.
Just after peoples' thoughts.
Do a drive-by to make sure you are happy with the location and general amenity.
Order a pest & building report - you should not even think of bidding without knowing what these contain (unless you are buying to demolish).
If you are needing finance - get a valuation done.

All the best with it.
Thanks for that.

Only problem is the tenants are "difficult" I'm told and won't let anyone in, so could be hard to get a pest and building done.

Hmm, might have to pass, although I have been to the property and walked around it - seems fine from the outside.

Bugger! :p