BIG Brisbane Meeting / Aug 25th / Peter Huang

Better Investing Group
Meeting 25th August, 2009

Guest Speaker
Peter Huang

Hello everyone!

We're pleased to announce this month's speaker, Peter Huang of Yong Real Estate presenting, The Australian Dream and $1 Properties.

Peter Huang owns the highest ranking real estate company in Queensland, Australia amongst the state’s Top 400 Private Companies with net assets over $80 million in 2008. Not bad for someone who arrived in Australia in 1991 with $100 in his pocket!

Check out the BIG web site for more information:

When: Tuesday 25th August 2009.
Where: The Jindalee Hotel, Sinnamon Rd, Jindalee QLD 4074.
Time: 7:30pm.
Cost: $15/singles or $25/couples.

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Everyone interested in property or the forum is welcome to come along. Having an IP is not a pre-requisite, only a motivation to do so. See you there!

New Venue - Jindalee Hotel

Tomorrow nights meeting is at a new Venue!!!

We are moving to the Jindalee Hotel. Please allow a few extra minutes to get there and find the venue.

There is a restaurant and bar there so you can grab a bite to eat or drink before the meeting.

We have a great speaker and this is a rare opportunity to gain some insight into one of the most successful property investors in Brisbane.

He is not going to try and sell property, just sharing his story and strategies.

The door prize for the night will be a copy of his recently published book.

Remember, free entry for first time attendees. If you haven't been to a BIG meeting before this is a great opportunity.
Just another reminder of tomorrow nights meeting.

We are at a New Venue - Jindalee Hotel. Please refer to the link on our website.

Please don't turn up at Salisbury unless you want to stand around in the dark:)

Hope to see you there.

btw if you put in a guess for our All ords guessing comp, make sure your there to be eligible to win.
congrats on the change of venue. good idea to put it somewhere near food.
though would have been better if more central.

I have to come from outer northern burbs that night but am interested in hearing your speaker.

Thanks for pulling some really interesting people over the last 12 mths.

Jindalee will be the new Venue from now on.

Hopefully it will be easier for more people to attend since it is on a major Highway which connects to the Ipswich and Logan motorways.

See you tonight.
Peter Huang Presentation

Last night was our first night at the new Venue and hopefully no-one turned up to the CTC.

Peter from Yong Real Estate is very passionate about property and knowledge. The main points of his presentation were.

- The magic of compounding. Find a way to consistently make 20%pa return and consistently do it.
- If it sounds too good to be true, analyse it. Peter is very thorough in this area and wants to understand the how and why of every opportunity.
- Peter is heavily into development and has substantial land banks. He identifies development as a good strategy to make your 20% return in most market conditions. However he also says that you need to be very careful as 99% of development opportunities don't stack up.

He talked about investing in the US, he has bought several but is finding it difficult to find tenants. He also mentioned his land holdings in Ripley and Rochedale and his plans to move into the Chinese property market.

His prediction is that Australian property will remain flat, much like Japan, until 2017-2023. Melbourne is his pick at the moment for Capital Growth.

He also threw out a challenge. If you are able to prove to him a better or novel strategy to make money from property, he will gladly pay you for it. He is a sponge for knowledge and shamelessly acknowledges this.

His secret to success - "Never give up"

Next month's topic is investing in the US. You will hear from someone who has bought property in the US and the steps and potential problems you will encounter.
Thanks for the summary Tin.
I had intended coming but it was a one hour trip and would have been too late.

It sounds like Peter made it an interesting night.

I had a look at his website and the material regarding $1 properties, and it didn't grab me enough to cancel a couple of appointments late yesterday.

I noted he is heavily into land banking, and wonder how he reconciles that with median property being flat for 15 years. I presume he intends to make his 20%+pa in that time by exploiting zoning changes or targeting non median markets.
Peter is a nice guy. He has also been through some rough times though. I find it hard to take his advice when he's also learning through trial and error. A major one is his Pacific Centre in Sunnybank Hills...there are still some vacant offices there but it took many years to lease the premises out. The interest repayments was a killer for him.
It did seem to me that some of his success did come out of "Trial and Error". It may seem this way because he is so active in the market and is taking action and doing deals. He was buying one property a week back in 2002 and does have substantial land holdings.

Peter values knowledge and experience, so what he cannot read about he tries to gain from his own experience and networking with others. He regards his books as one of his most valuable assets and joked about being buried with his books when he passes on. He came to Australia with $100 and 3 bags, one of which was full of books.

He likes to invest in median or below median property and regards development as the best way to make 20% during any market, up, down, sideways. He does not like negative gearing because it is based on the assumption that there will always be positive capital growth. He refers to Japan as an example of why negative gearing is dangerous.

His property portfolio is geared 40%, his aim is to have it at 20%.
Once again a very interesting speaker. Sorry I couldn't stay longer to chat after the meeting. The hotel seemed to be a better place for the meetings.

I look forward to the next meeting about investing in the US, which is very topical at present.

Regards, Neil:cool: