BIG Brisbane Meeting / Aug 26th / Student Accomodation

Better Investing Group
Meeting 26th August, 2008

Guest Speakers
Borris Juracic, TBA

Hello everyone!

This month we're having a panel of 3 speakers on the topic of student and share accomodation:

- Borris Juracic, 28 years investment experience, self managed student accomodation in Kelvin grove.
- Property manager from Sunnybank area, experienced in Share accomodation management and sales.
- Property manager from St Lucia area specilising in Student accomodation management and sales.

Check out the BIG web site at You can find out more details of our meeting there.

When: Tuesday 26th August 2008.
Where: The Construction Training Centre, 460-492 Beaudesert Rd, Salisbury.
(For southbound traffic be sure to take the service road.)
Ian Barclay Building (Conference Room 2.2 - Rear door)
Time: 7:30pm.
Cost: $15/singles or $25/couples.

Everyone interested in property or the forum is welcome to come along. Having an IP is not a pre-requisite, only a motivation to do so. See you there!

Hi all

I'm not going to be able to make it tonight but was wondering if anyone would like to share their notes with me? Post or PM would be great! I've looked a bit into student / share accommodation but having experienced speakers putting the numbers together (including all the extra stuff that's required for safety etc.) and hearing the pros and cons would be hugely helpful.

Thanks so much in advance!

BIG last night

Hi kaf,
I went last night and here is my 2 c.
There was a panel of 4, 3 from Raywhite and one private investor who has been investing for 20+years, mainly renting rooms from normal houses/units to students. He handles them himself not using PM.

The night was about renting individual rooms of nornal properties to students. There was no knowledge about "student accommodation" , to me, meaning specialised/legal/approved student accommodation with >6 bedrooms. I believe our Tracey here knows much more about it than the panel.

Oh, at the begining, Tin, the BIG's president, went through the list of last year's speakers and gave a brief summary of the content of each session. I found that part enjoyable eventhough learned nothing new (as I do lurke SS every day :D. )

I heard Steve Navra will speak at BIG next month on LOE.
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Hi Soyabean

Thanks very much for the summary... sounds as if I've not missed much so that's good in a way. I will definitely try to make it to Steve Navra's talk next month, always wanted to hear him speak.

Thanks again!!