BIG Brisbane Meeting / Feb 24th / Joint Ventures and Syndications

Better Investing Group
Meeting 24th February, 2009

Guest Speakers
Jonathan Vuong
Chris Vitale

Hello everyone!

This month we have two speakers who have experience with buying investments with other parties and entities. There are many different structures and ways to invest as a group as well as regulations which you need to be aware of. Bring your questions, ideas and investment opportunities along.

Jonathan Vuong is a Senior Associate at P. M. Lee & Co Property and Business Lawyers and is well qualified to answer your questions about investing within different structures. He will be taking about the different types of structures, setup, costs, the advantages and disadvantages of this style of investment.

Our second speaker is Chris Vitale. Chris is a part of 4 Joint Ventures and a manager of 2 of them. He will be talking about his experiences with structures, setup and finance. Chris is also the owner of two Mortgage Choice franchises and can discuss financing options and issues.

Check out the BIG web site at You can find out more details of our meeting there.

When: Tuesday 24th February 2009.
Where: The Construction Training Centre, 460-492 Beaudesert Rd, Salisbury.
(For southbound traffic be sure to take the service road.)
Ian Barclay Building (Conference Room 2.2 - Rear door)
Time: 7:30pm.
Cost: $15/singles or $25/couples.

Everyone interested in property or the forum is welcome to come along. Having an IP is not a pre-requisite, only a motivation to do so. See you there!