BIG Brisbane Meeting / Sept 29th / Investing in the USA

Property investing in the USA - How to

Hello everyone! This month at BIG we're discussing investing in USA property and have two presenters, Geoff Webster and Tracey Bryan to share their experiences with us. They will be discussing the pros and cons, areas of interest, financing, cash flow, structures to use, agents, and more. There is more information about Geoff and Tracey on the BIG web site:

When: Tuesday 29th September 2009.
Where: The Jindalee Hotel, Sinnamon Rd, Jindalee QLD 4074.
Time: 7:30pm.
Cost: $15/singles or $25/couples.

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Everyone interested in property or the forum is welcome to come along. Having an IP is not a pre-requisite, only a motivation to do so. See you there!

Just a quick reminder that the BIG meeting is on tomorrow night.

If you have ever considered investing in the US or just want to know what all the fuss is about, please come along. Remember your first time is free.

We have now moved to the Jindalee Hotel. Please visit our website for more details. There is a restaurant next door and several food places nearby if you want to get a bite to eat before the meeting.

See you tomorrow.
Awesome evening.

I'm surprised there were so few people there. BIG provides incredible bang for buck property information and inspiration.

Come along and see for yourself!
BIG Meeting, Investing in US

Last night's meeting on investing in the US had lots of good information and some amazing insights.

Thanks goes to Geoff, Andrea and Tracey for sharing their experience and research with us.

Some points that stood out for me were,

Home ownership and Investment attitude. People over there are quite opposite preferring to pay higher rent (compared with mortgage repayments) and avoiding property investing.

All property investments are cashflow positive. Negative gearing is unheard of.

It seems easier to do bigger commercial deals than single houses. It is easy to find one deal that will give you enough passive income to retire.

We should have the presentation slides and useful links up on our website soon.
Contacting Tracey Bryan?

Hi I'm trying to contact Tracey Bryan who was mentioned in an article in the AFR Weekend edition last week. She's a LinkedIn member as I am. But unless you know one another or can supply the other persons email address LinkedIn seeks to convince you to take out a paid monthly membership. A PM would be great

Thanks John