Big thank you to Dave: )

From: GoAnna !

I personally would like to thank Dave: ) for making the huge effort to arrange the Melbourne Property Network Meeting which met for the first time last night. It was great to put more names to faces, catch up with those I usually e-mail or chat to and exchange ideas / information.

I hope that people get behind this idea and make it an ongoing success.

There are a number of people who assisted Dave: ) in making last night happen but I am too afraid to mention names just in case i leave some-one out. You know who you are!

For me the only disappointment of the night was that Dave: ) was left out of pocket because a number of people did not show up as they indicated they would. : (

GoAnna !
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From: Eric Snow

That sounded very interesting. May I come to the next one?

"Everything is for sale, even friendship"

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From: Dave :)

I'd like to thank all those that turned up last night. I think it was an important step to something bigger and better in the future.

It was great to see everyone and there was a lot of information/idea exchanging going on. I feel confident we'll be able to co-ordinate future meetings where everyone will benefit.

Since GoAnna! was reluctant to name people, I'd be happy to do so. I want to thank The Undergraduate first and foremost for arranging the venue and supplies. Big thanks also go to GoAnna, Jude, and Asyral for their help before and during the night. Also, quite a few members of the forum volunteered to assist with various aspects of future meetings, so thank you for making yourselves available and wanting to contribute.

We'll be getting together bi-monthly for now.
Stay tuned on the Meeting Point Forum for any dates/details.

Have a great weekend everyone!



p.s. Eric, you're most welcome. Bring some of your unwealthy friends along as well. Just remember to bring a white flag and leave your Lamborghini outside the building. Also, you may want to immunise yourself against the extremely likely possibility of contracting 'wealth through property investment-itis'. There is no known cure.

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From: Apprentice Millionaire

I will second that vote of thanks!

Dave, you are a legend!

Apprentice Millionaire
(aka Jacques)
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From: Asy .

I add my thanks vote to Dave!!!

And: Vannida, GoAnna, Jude, and all who were involved...

Can't wait for the next one, should be great, we have a structure now, a bit of direction, now all that is left is to LEARN!!!

It was great to meet everyone who I have only previously spoken to on the net!

SEE you all soon!!

Asyral (<-)
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From: Jude H


You asked, Dave answered. The only question that remains...Do you have the nerve?

Look forward to meeting you

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From: JustAMum B

Here Here to all the positive comments above.

It is great to network as well as have opportunities to extend our knowledge. I really enjoyed making new acquaintances and re meeting old ones. What a great initiative! Well worth it and I am looking forward to the next meeting. Thank you Dave and to ALL those who contributed in organisation especially.

Just A Mum
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