big tree- good or bad for land value

should i cut the trees

  • yes (saves cost and trouble for new owners)

    Votes: 7 70.0%
  • no (good backyard feature)

    Votes: 3 30.0%

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some background info:

i live at hornsby council - which has a new tree preservation order in place. (basically, you can cut any non native , non heritage tree).

so i have a choice whether to cut the following tree:

i have a 500m block (with a approx 100m) handle

at the corner (right on the corner of the block) are two radiata pines, 10 meters tall. (in most proposed plans it looks like it'll be a tree at the corner of the backyard)

given that future potential purchaser can cut it any time, is it better to (in terms of value):

* cut the trees so that the new builders have nothing to worry about, or
* save the trees as a feature?
I think you are over-thinking the situation.

People who will leave the trees in place will not pay anymore to have them. People who want them removed will likely take $2-3K off the price they're prepared to offer.
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Good firewood trees - not much chop as tree trees tho. Prop is right. I'd leave them - unless you want the wood.
I have a massive gum in my back yard and wouldn't touch it, but it is a big backyard. My neighbour has built a garage under it and has now put a large PV array on the roof. I cannot object if he wants to lop a branch [at his cost] but he can whistle dixie if he wants it removed.

But I believe every boy should have a chainsaw in his shed and should remove inappropriate trees while it can still be done at little cost. Palms, in particular, should never be allowed to grow tall and gangly. Enjoy for a few years and replace. Radiata pines are botanic rabbits.... Exterminate! Exterminate!
What is the problem with leaving the tree if its located in the back corner of the block. It is not going to impede construction is it? Does it create natural privacy from neighbours?
cut em down, they are weed , they drop pine needles, continuosly block gutters and make a mess, fall over, roots will lift and crack concrete, cant build near them, nothing will grow near them the needles are aleopathic, noisy when the wind is blowing, they arent even good for fire wood, burn quickly and dont put out much heat.
I had a big gum tree in the back corner of my 650m2 block. Although the tree was a absolute pain to cut down I am so glad we did it, the block looks much bigger now. I think, chop it!
I do not think the Hornsby tree preservation order will allow you to cut down any tree. There are a number of conditions.

- Trees that are less than three metres tall
- Trees that are less than three metres (measured at the nearest point at the base of the tree trunk) from an ‘approved foundation’ or inground swimming pool (measured from the waters edge)
- Trees that are not indigenous to Hornsby Shire provided they are not growing in Heritage Conservation Areas or listed as heritage items
- Dead trees (provided they are not located within endangered or critically endangered ecological communities)

Does your tree at the corner satisfy the above conditions?