Biggest one year change in asset prices

From: Denise Macadam

Hello All,
Being a weekend its usually a bit slow around here - just read some interesting facts in this mornings Brisbane Courier Mail and hope you wouldn't mind me passing it on here.
According to Access Economics we should have been stuffing those old $1 and $2 notes into our smelly sock draws and we would be making the best investment possible! - heaps easier than property me thinks!
Biggest one year change in asset prices:
1. Bank Notes
2. Brisbane houses (thank you)
22%in the last year
3. Sydney Taxi plates
4. Melbourne Industrial land
5. Stamp errors
6. Sydney houses
7. Coins
8. Melbourne taxi plates.
If you are feeling worse for wear this morning and hit the 1971 Penfolds Grange Hermitage, as we all do on a Friday - it now sells for $700. an increase of 323 percent in 10 years. You have chosen your poison well at least. You can read the article on the net under Personal Finance section.
Have a good weekend
I have to go check my sock draw
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From: Robert Sugden

22% for Brisbane houses in a year, that's pretty amazing isn't it.
What were the dates involved?
As our bank has just told us that the market isn't doing anything special and they would not be willing to do valuations on our houses for another 6 or so months, therefore not allowing us to borrow anything more till then!
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From: Rixter ®


If I was you I'd ask your bank if they can suggest another lender who does, and I bet you get a more favourable reply to your request.


Happy Investing,
Rixter® :)
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