Block of Flats ("The flock of bats") for sale

It's still for sale- asking price is $795K.

Vendor financing is definitely a possibility.

I've received an offer today. But at the offered price, I might as well hang onto them.
take heart geoff - the right person will come along at the right time for you with the right deal and you will end up saying "i'm glad this happened when/how it did as i was able to ... ".

surprisingly how often that happens, but in the meantime it can be frustrating.
Off the topic but I saw an article about you (Geoff Whitfield, it's you right?) in Sept issue of Smart Investor, who was selling a block of flats to fund the business loan.

Anyway, Congratulations!!
Geoff W, well done with the sale of your property,now that you are cashed up i hope your next strategic investment produces exactly what you want from it ,btw what will you invest in next...........good luck willair............
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Interestingly enough, a week after exchange, the REA had not heard from the vendor's solicitor- and he doesn't pull the cork out of his bottle of champers until that happens.

This was despite the deposit having been placed in the agent's trust account.
Well done Geoff. Now you can move on to bigger and better things and not have the "flock" to worry about anymore.