Block of Flats ("The flock of bats") for sale

Good on yer Geoff. Must be a lovely feeling, eh!
It's a good feeling- but tempered

I was waiting for settlement day to thank Clarrie (the caretaker) for all the excellent work he did for the place- but he departed without giving notice.

No champers- but with MrsW to a concert at a local club, with a little bit of the red stuff ($6 for a carafe? I was probably undercharged). A very rare night out- I had to pay somebody penalty rates to stand in for a shift at Subway I would have otherwise had to cover.

Though that's 2 nights out in two weeks (and two nights out in 8 months!)- the other was celebrating 20 years since we met (on a Contiki tour of the US- those people have a lot to answer for).