blog coding

does anyone know how to do blog coding?

I have a blog, and i would like to have a logo for my windows tab. You know, when you open multiple windows in Google Chrome or Firefox, the tabs will appear at the top, and some websites have their logo next to their page title.

How to do that?
Go to the source of your page, find the tags that have and somewhere between them copy and paste the following:

<link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="">

and replace the last part with the exact location of a picture you've made. It's easiest if you make the picture in .png format, as this is supported by all browser types (IE / Chrome / Firefox / etc).

If you're using a .gif format picture, you need to change the middle part to image/gif and ensure the last part is linking directly to it. Internet Explorer doesn't like them but all the other browsers will.
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