Blow up pool on deck, will the deck hold the weight?

Hi All,

Kids got a pool from Gran for xmas, one of those blow up ones from Kmart.

My question is, do you think i can put it on my deck? (Weight wise)

Pool is 3.6m in diameter and 760mm high. One of you smart ones can work out hoiw much water it will hold.

Its a hardwood deck, bearers are about 500mm apart.

Any thoughts?

There are a lot of decks falling down lately with only people on them,
Some people are getting hurt:mad:
Pools weight, I don't know:(???
Maybe a bit of bracing wouldn't go astray;)
Hey GG,
Assuming the pool is only filled up 2/3 full, the weight of the pool would come in just a smidge over 5 tonnes (plus the actual weight of the pool itself)
It will hold just over 5 cubic meters of water, or 5,000 litres.
Would need to be a pretty sturdy deck to take that load. I would steer well clear of this idea!:eek:

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Needs bracing for sure:p
We have a bit of discrepancy on the weights,which is it???:p

volume of a cylinder = (pi*r2)*h, = ((22/7)*(1.8*1.8))*0.5
=5.09142m3, or 5091.42 litres

1 litre water = 1 kg, therefore 5091.42 litres of water = 5091.42 kg = 5.09142 tonnes.

that how I see it anyway...

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hi g.g, i'm a chippy and you mentioned the bearers been 500 apart?? i think you meant the joists are 500 apart, the bearers are under the joists, and will be spaced out at 1500 apart depnding on joist size, its a lot of weight to put on a deck, can u not put it on the ground?? are you on a level site??

good luck.
Well I got approx 8000 litres of water in the pool (calculated that you would only fill to around 740mm and not right to the top) and a litre of water weighs 1kg so your pool will weigh 8 tonnes + the 50kg for the pool + the combined weight of the people in it.

I used this site to calculate the volume of water your pool will hold

Hope your deck is not too high.

Yeah if you fill right to the top to 740mm, you will get approx 7535 litres =7.535 tonnes.
GG, I think it's too heavy for a deck it would be alot safer on the ground with a bit of sand under to level, and make sure nothing sharp will pierce it.
agree too!! I will have to put a temp fence around it because of our dog, she will chew it and get a terrible fright when water goes all over her :D

Decks and general suspended floors are designed to a particular distributed live load measured in kPa.. 760mm of water is 7.6kPa, whereas residential decks are designed to 2.5kPa (from memory :eek:, don't have the code with me here).

if you want to know how much water you can fill to, 200mm should be fine, plus the weight of the little ones.. not much, but water is heavy stuff ;)
-off the thread topic sorry
never thought about weight
Never did the sums before to check
have seen a wading pool collapse a floor that previously held a lube bay
and had to get a tiller to get grass to grow again after a pool was moved
so adding up
water is damnable heavy stuff
got to calculate some other things now
how much does a blanket of wet snow weigh on the roof, Winter is interesting, when should I rake it off, when do I have to rake it off, 3000 feet[sup]2[/sup] of flat roof with a snow blanket on it must weigh something huge
usually think about it only when the news shows someone elsessroof caving in


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