Blue Horizons - Anyone here dealt with them?

I've been seeing a few ads in API recently for Blue Horizons Property Consultants and jumped on and had a read through their website - it looks as if they are really focusing on the Surat Basin which is an area where I have been researching and have bought a few places there..

Just chasing a bit of info/advice whether anyone has dealt with this company before and/or knows about their operations.

I used the search function but didn't come up with anything, but I could have sworn that I saw this company mentioned in the forum somewhere a few months back.

It'd be great if I could find anyone who bought off them when they were involved in Rocky as well. I've noticed a number of the properties that they hold there are on the market and have been for sometime.

Thanks in advance for your time, if you prefer to PM me that'd be great as well! :)
Blue Horizons

I know this is a fairly old post but I was just forwarded some marketing material from this company about a development they are spruiking in Miles called Hookswood Village.

I must admit that I haven't done any specific research on this company or what they are offering but my alarm bells are already ringing:

They say Hookswood Village offers 3 Bedroom Villas for $439,000. That seems awfully expensive to me in a place like Miles. They go on to say "We are of the firm belief that Miles will turn into something of a Port Hedland with rents and capital gains skyrocketing on the back of diversified resource demand".[/I][/B]

This I think is a very bold and speculative statement to make and frankly I wouldn't believe a word of it. It always makes me laugh to see the wild predictions these companies come up with, when years later they are full of excuses when the properties they sold their clients are worth half of what they were purchased for.

Secondly I see they are offering rental guarantees on these properties. This is certainly a warning flag. Rental guarantees are usually funded by the buyer having been carefully hidden in the purchase price.

But few stop to consider what happens once the rental guarantees run out and like many first time investors have experienced in the past, they are all of a sudden faced with having to fund a substantial drop in rent from their own pockets. The IP soon becomes unaffordable and they along with everyone else who bought in the development, are forced to put their properties back on the market at the same time. This floods the market and drops prices further.

So where are the marketing companies when this happens? You guessed it........ They are either out of business by this point or don't want to know claiming that the situation that their clients now find themselves in, was unforeseeable! Yea Right!

My advice is to look carefully at any of the claims that these marketing companies make. They are being paid by the sellers / developers to flog their overpriced stock and often a poor choice for investors.