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From: Andrew D

Anybody out there (preferably Brisbane) want to sell a copy of Blueprint for Success by John Burley (tapes and Manual) to me. If so let me know please.

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From: Paul Zagoridis

Hi Andrew

I have listened to Blueprint for Success, I can't see why you'd want it over say Rick Otten's Wrap Pack (Or Steve McKnight's which I haven't read/heard).

John Burley's material is admittedly excellent. I did my first wrap while listening (but before finishing) Blueprint for Success. However there are a number of important caveats.

Firstly it is not easily understood by all Australians. I say this because I've lent the tape set to others who didn't get it. Language was a factor for some.

Secondly it is a recording of his boot camp for US audiences. Australians do attend but the material is of general nature and requires a lot of customisation.

Thirdly - content. There is at least 2 tapes that are purely motivational. That is a good thing by my standards but not everybody likes that. There are 5 tapes of heavily US material. Do you really want to know about US foreclosure process, VA and HUD sales, Trustee vs Judicial States?

Fourthly what do you want to get out of it? If you want to do wraps in Australia think about buying the information from someone who does it. If you just want to get started then do one and learn on the way.

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DISCLOSURE: I am the Sydney North coordinator of Freestylers Network. Freestylers Events promote Rick Otten's Positive Cash Flow Boot Camp and Wrap Pack. I also consider the Ottens to be "good people". I do not gain any financial advantage from your purchase decisions.
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