Boarding House City of Sydney

I have a Former boarding house, deregistered by the dept of Fair Trading, my home for 27 years, it is divided into 3 units, completely separate, has been for 10 years, have paid land tax. In barge 2 City of Sydney Building inspectors who insist it is a boarding house and that I have to do a whole lot of fire upgrades, some are in a 1880s terrace, technically impossible. But their manner was so threatening, they are horrible people, this is not a boarding house, and yet I have to do this, I have been wandering the internet and found several other people in the same boat.
Any body else out there to join me in a loud protest?
I have a client who bought a old heritage home is a north shore suburb. Converted to a day care. You cant imagine how much he has spend trying to comply. Easy $1m....Even the original trees on the property aren't "heritage" enough. Its a case of comply or close. He cant just add floor tiles...he must use original period mozaic tiles.

Many people don't like laws...They cost people money and can create dramas'. They can also save other peoples lives. If its a safety issue you could end up in gaol on manslaughter charges. That's not worth it.

You may consider sale of the site and leave the drama to someone else who owns a wrecking ball. The ex houso terraces at Millers Point are selling well above market.
Carole, do you have a DA showing that it is a block of units? If you don't, they can and will serve an order on the property to bring it up to the BCA requirements (if it's zoned for the use) or issue an order to cease the use.

If you haven't gotten consent, made the required improvements eg fire separation the place is a death trap until proven otherwise.