Body Corporate on city apartments

I'm considering living in a Melbourne City apartment (Southbank, Docklands, etc). Approx how much will the body corporate be a year in Southbank? IE. Internal gym, swimming pool, good security etc?
My guess (and from what I have seen) is that you will be paying closer to $5000pa. And don't forget for any complex with over 100 units, it is now mandatory to have a sinking fund, so you'll have to add contributions for that as well.
it is around $3200-$3500 for southbank, south melbourne, st kilda rd for MICM body corp. Although lots of ppl bag them.. they do a decent enough job. Had an incident just 2 weeks ago. called security. .and they sorted it out in less than 15 min. and they have cleaners every day cleaning up stuff - they're well experienced and have a big team with issues with sprinklers, flooring if you have any.

But there are some MICM buildings which offer $2700-$2900 (88 Southbank boulevard - the cheapest in southbank and 38 Kavangh St) and even lower for the low rise 3 story ones on sturt st going towards South melb which have no lifts.

For above $5000 you looking at the other body corps which tend to be more expensive such as those on southgate, elm or 80 clarendon.

I would to the low rise ones if you have to minimize the body corp.