Body Corporate woes...

The main reason why the rules are there is because hanging clothes (even without underwears) is considered unsightly and might reduce public perception of the building and unit value. Silly? Maybe. But if you don't abide they can impose a penalty you for not abiding to the by law.

Is it an older building? The newer building usually have more lenient rules, e.g. if the washing is not visible from the road, then you can hang it there.
Without floor plans it seems there is a view I'm hanging my washing in the middle of a courtyard garden. Frankly, the area is so out of the way, the only reason for anyone to enter that "communal area" would be to rob my house.

I've already spoken to the neighbours tonight and they've agreed to leave the matter be. Seems some of them were concerned I'd start draping lines on the balconies, but I've assured them I'll confine my laundry to the corner area on a small rack. Assuming the BC doesn't try to take action on its own, I don't think it'll be an issue anymore.

Thanks for all the advice. Sorry if I've rubbed any nerves, I know some of you've probably had issues with bad renters, thus the need to be a bit pedantic about the rules.

We totally understand where you are hanging your laundry.

Its at the very end of a communal hallway where only you would access.
Based on that point, you believe that because no one has a need to walk past, you have free reign to place whatever you want on it.

You've then come on here, asking for advice on how to beat the BC, instead you got replies that were not to your liking and you decided to proceed with what suits you anyway.

Strata living is about harmony, all it takes is one guy to start hanging his laundry out, then the next guy decides to do the same. This time with the argument that a person can "easily walk past it". Rules are made to be fair and equitable and shouldn't be bent to accommodate another individual. But you obviously don't see it that way.

Anyway, you've resolved this in your opinion, so good for you.
Why you cannot hang your own laundry in your own unit is beyond my comprehension.
Without floor plans it seems there is a view I'm hanging my washing in the middle of a courtyard garden.

No one has ever thought that ... we know that your piece of the communal area is at the end of a shared walkway, where it ends in a dead end and no one passes ... that's not the point.

The point is that it's a COMMUNAL area - not your own private piece of real estate on which to do what you want - and someone complained to the Body Corporate about what you were doing in a space that is owned by everyone in the building.

It doesn't matter if it's at a dead end or not - someone found it unsightly for you to be hanging your washing in THEIR shared space.

How would you feel if someone else started hanging their washing there? If you have a right to do so - then so do they ... what about everyone starts hanging their washing outside your window at the end of the walkway as it belongs to everyone ... tomorrow you might come out your door with your full washing basket and find your neighbours' washing already there.

Glad you sorted it with your neighbours - but I think you entirely missed the point of argument from seasoned landlords - and renters - here
@EN: It's a newish flat, ~30 years old. Luckily, I think a lot of people didn't mind because they're mostly young renters.

@neck/liz: It's not that I don't appreciate the advice here, it's just that I decided to go another way after getting over my initial panic (never dealt with a BC properly before, they've never contacted me other than to ask for money). But thank you anyway for the advice anyway. I won't go into why I'm trying to dodge BC rules and my views on the whole domino theory concept, that's a whole story on its own. As long as the people living in the block are satisfied, I'm not too fussed about it.
I was thinking of giving a perfunctory reply and then just ignore the letter, but tone down my "hanging activities" a bit (ie. hang out clothes only a few hours during Sunday, conceal my balcony with covering, use a smaller clothes rack - basically ensure that nobody can even see the rack unless they walk up to my door).

Do body corps usually have a lot of bite or exercise their powers zealously, especially for small flats? I've heard the ones for large apartments can be crazy, but I get the feeling the ones here are a bit passive, although I've never dealt with them personally before.

It may not just be the body corp; it could be a by-law for that building to not allow hanging of laundry on balconies. If it's a common area like a hallway, then you should not be hanging in the first place.

If you dress up your balcony with fancy stuff, that could also be a breach in a by-law as it will ruin the look of the building from the outside.

I hang all my stuff in the spare room. The sun hits it in the morning and dries it all. I don't like the balcony as a lot of dust would settle on the clothes.
can understand the rules about hanging washing on the balcony. it is unsightly.
it is acceptable in some areas but not others. have seen washing hanging out of windows in some countries where it is perhaps the norm and ok.

went passed the Watson in Walkerville the other day, the appearance of washing etc on the balconies looks awful in my opinion. each to their own of course.