body corporates

hi all,

as some of you know, i sit on a body corporate of an apartment complex, and as i have implied in previous messages, we have had recent troubles with various tenants which resulted in meetings at the Tribunal etc.

well anyway, those issues have all been sorted out and it is a damn shame, that the expense and hassle of the tribunal had to be done just to sort out a trivial matter that is worth only about $1.5k.

But, the underlying matter was not about the actual modification, but more about personality differences - that is, i think the respective body corporate dispute could've been settled much quicker and much less cheaper, but unfortunately, personality differences and the "us and them" attitude got in the way and the matter blew out of all proportion and ended up at the Tribunal. All over an external modification that cost $1.5k

Bottom line, i have now resigned my role on the body corporate. too many people with their own agendas and each wanting to have their own power trip. plus nagging owners who don't want to sit on the body corporate but complain about everything and want their minutist complaints responded to as quick as possible.

To me, life is too short to put up with small political power trips by wannabe heroes. My time is worth far more to myself and my other properties....

The thing that really gets me about all of this - i don't even own a property at this complex but i was on the body corporate as a volunteer on a proxy basis for another owner.

So my recommendation to all - be very careful, very patient and be prepared to loose a lot of your own time if you are considering to sit on a body corporate.


Unless I'm living in the place (doubtful as I have a fear of units) I don't plan sitting on body corporate.

Bidy corporates scare me so I plan to have as little as possible with them. Hopefully that is nothing.
BC or Strata Management

The entire industry and the property management industry suffers from the fact that the roles are not property related at all, both property managers and strata managers are people managers. The skills required for the roles are usually absent in these people because they are hired for their property skills not their people skills.
Well that's my two bobs worth. :)