Bond transfer issue


I seen other people posting here with broadly similair problems and though you guys might be able to offer some advice.

So about 16 months ago we (Me and housemate) had another temporary housemate leave, and when they did they never bothered to sign the bond transfer, or formally vacate with the land lord.

We are now ready to leave the house, and have not been able to contact the other person to get everything cleared up. Both us and the estate agent had tried numerous times to get in contact and organize to sort it out, but as time went on gave up.

So at the moment they are still formally on the lease for the house I think, which isnt an issue really. But they are also still on the bond form.

What are the options now? Since we both made reasonable attempts to get it sorted out is it likely to be simple? Or is it going to take calls and meetings or having to go to an offical tribunal or something to claim the remainder?
In Queensland, a cheque would be sent to the "missing" tenant as he will not have signed the release of bond form nominating a bank account for the refund to go into. That cheque would be sent to his last known address, which is probably the rental address. (At least, that is what happened when one of our tenants left the country without having altered the bond form.)

I don't know if you can change that, but call the department in your state who looks after this and put the question to them.