Bonds & repairs?

How does it work with bonds & repairs?
Our original tenants have now moved out - they broke their lease, left some rubbish behind & didnt do much housework for awhile. Nothing major so no stress.
The PM has claimed their bond (apparently) to cover cleaning etc but we have also noticed repairs which need doing - eg broken blinds which need replacing etc.
How does it work with the bond? Is that credited to our account with the r/e agent & repairs etc deducted from this? I understand we are left short if the bond doesnt cover everything but what if there is $ left after repairs etc?
The bond is to cover precisely these costs - rent arrears, repairs and cleaning etc. I assume you can justify costs to an amount exceeding the bond - as you've claimed the entire bond - in which case you are entitled to pursue the tenant for the excess via the courts, but it's usually not worth it. 99% of the time, it's prudent to take all the bond and move on.