Books on property trading

Dear Jerry,

To date there hasn't been an answer to your post.

Part of this is that there are a number of ways to "property trade" and most books available are more dedicated to "part of" rather than the whole picture.


-Wrapping a property

Personally I would look at 1) Learning as much as you possibly can from the site first 2) Work out which area you are more interested in the property (Remember the greater part of long-term property investors have a traditional "buy and hold" strategy. Property trading after purchasing doesn't really fall into where they want to be and accordingly is reflected in the books that are available.) After you work out your area then you can actively "seek out" books which address this topic and can help you on your property journey. (Eg. selling..... Should you be looking at a guide on "How to sell property" etc etc.)

Whilst I would like to be recommending more Aussie books (Maybe I should look at writing one someday.... :---) ) would suggest that you look up the following two:

-"Buy, Rent, and Sell" by Robert Irwin (I have read this book and found it valuable reading including information on profitable purchases, some on flipping and a little bit on fast selling.)

For a 32 page excerpt of the book see:


-"Find it, Buy it, Fix it" also by Robert Irwin. (Although I have not yet read it have had it recommended to myself.)

For a 14 page excerpt of the book see:

To buy it locally:

Let us know how your "journey" goes.