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Having just finished reading all the previous messages, I thought I’d post all the books that where mentioned over the past year or so.

In no particular order, enjoy!


'Smarter property investment'- by Peter Cerexhe
'Understanding Investment Property'- by N E Renton

NEY SECRETS OF THE RICH by John Burley- not all about property investment but a thought-provoking read, nevertheless. THE WEALTH POWER OF PROPERTY by Fred Johnson- great for the basics. And Jan Somer's BUILDING WEALTH STORY BY STORY is also very good- basic stories by basic "like you and I" investors

The other one is "Multiple Streams of Income" written by Robert Allen and his other best sellers "Nothing Down". Hope this helps. Cheers : ) Jasmine

Investing in Real Estate on a budget" by Alan J Falkson. The book is now out of print. You can track it down through secondhand book stores and some librarie

Renton's Understanding Investment Property is a good book, as far removed from that Kiyosaki and Somers bull

The Richest Man in Babylon", by George Clason

'The Desktop Guide to Residential Property Management' by Bob Walters

1)Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill & W. Clemont Stone.
2) The Magic of Thinking Big By David J. Schwartz.
3) Any of the books by Noel Whittaker.
4) Any of the books by Fred & (Recently) Brendon Whiting.
5) Building Wealth Story By Story Pages 37, 181 & 161.
"Investing in Residential Property..Understanding the Market in the new Millennium"

by Peter Waxman, 4th ed 2000.
"How to get the Be$t Deal Every Time... without rubbing people the wrong way"

first inspirational books was by Noel Whittaker "Making Money Made Simple" He listed in this book a number of other good self improvement & motivational reads. The Books that I found great are Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude Napoleon Hill & W Clement Stone. The Magic of Thinking Big David J. Schwartz. Any of the property books by Fred Johnston & Brendon Whitting. These are just a few but there are a lot of other good ones out there."
"Seven Steps to Wealth" by John Fitzgerald

Investing in Real Estate on a Budget" by Alan J Falkson published by Elephas Books Pty Ltd @ 361 Orrong Rd , Kewdale WA 6105. PO Box 7007 Cloisters Square, Perth. WA 6000. Ph 09 370 1461

Brad Sugars, "Instant Cashflow

Harry Dent "The Roaring 2000s"

Richest Man in Babylon (George Clason) - the basics of life and security, written back in time.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki) - my personal "wake-up call" - an easy read that cranks up the brain cells.

Think and Grow Rich (Napolean Hill) - another classic - persistence is the key.

Building Wealth through Investment Property (Jan Somers) - the "nuts and bolts" of property investment written especially for Australians.

Building Wealth, Story By Story - (Jan Somers) - 101 stories of investors, successful and unsuccessful, in an easy-to-read format.

And one that I got from the Library (and still want to buy my own copy if anyone can point me to one), is written by Alan Falkson - the title was something like "How to Invest in Real Estate on a Budget" or "How to Invest in Real Estate Using Other Peoples' Money". A Perth author, set in early '90's - has some unusual (but very successful) ideas for wealth creation.

First authors.
- Anything by : Hans Jakobi
: Cyndi Kaplan
: Robyn Henderson
: Alan Pease
: Edward De Bono
: Jonar C Nader
: John Burley
: Zig Zigler
: Noel Whittaker
: Brad Sugars
: Nicholas Humphrey

"Thick Face Black Heart" by Chin Ning Chu

* The Power of Profit - Max Rowe
* Don't go into small business without reading this book - John Counsel
* 3 steps to yes - Gene Bedell
* How entrepreneurs grow rich starting small - Goldfinger
* What rich people know & desperately want to keep a secret - Brian Sher

"Who Moved My Cheese" by Dr Spencer Johnson. A bit of "mind of matter" here...but a good read.

Rich Dad's Guide to Investing - Robert Kiyosaki.
Family Trust - N Renton.
Confession Of Real Estate Agent - Terry Ryder.

Richard Branson: Losing My Virginity
Allan Pease: Body Language
Herb Cohen: You can negotiate anything

Allan Staines - How to be a Successful Owner Builder & Renovator

Carol Staines - A Practical Guide to Interior Decorating

Allan Staines - The Australian House Building Manual

Allan Staines - The Australian Renovator's Manual

Confessions of a Real Estate Agent" by Terry Ryder

'Real Estate Mistakes' by Neil Jenman.

To paraphrase Charles Mackay – By the vile arts of stock-jobbers!
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