Borrowing for property investment under Self Managed Super Fund

Hi, I wish to buy an IP under a Self Managed Super Fund for myself and my wife, we both work in NSW Public Service.

After the Govt. changed the rules about a couple of years ago, its possible to borrow for a property investment in a SMSF setup.

Could anyone please provide some more information about this process ?

What major issues do the lenders consider while lending under this setup.

How much do the financial institutions lend, do they lend upto the 80% of the loan as in the normal mortgages or do they lend a lesser percentage.

Which good products are being offered by various lenders for property investment under SMSF, if you are aware of any ?

Please feel free to provide other helpful suggestions related to this issue.


Hi Sanjeev

It is a topic which has been asked and answered many many times before so rather than me go to a lengthy response do a quick search of previous posts and see what pops up.