Breaking Bad - the final episode

Anyone else excited about this?

I can't wait to see how it finishes up. I think it airs in the states in a few hours.


I've only got into it recently, the SoHo channel started showing it from the beginning a few months ago.

So I'm a long way behind. I'll try and avoid the spoilers, but it will be a futile exercise, I'm sure. It's a great show, and Bryan Cranston is such a terrific actor.
Same. I've never been hooked on a tv show like this before.

Dan - you need to grab the box set, say goodbye to your loved ones and work for a month and get up to date!


I've not seen any since the hank toilet scene so will look forward to catching up when I get back to Australia. I love the show (along with Dexter) and can't believe their both coming to an end. :(

At least I'll have Game of Thrones to keep me entertained when that returns :p

I'll be reading the synopsis, and then waiting for the DVD. I've really enjoyed the seasons before this one- there's some great ideas they've put into the story line.
I haven't watched the show for ages, but apparently the Dexter Finale was a let down?

Wonder how Breaking Bad will go

Not sure if this post should be here or in first world problems :D
All in all, I think it was a great finale. It tied everything together. I won't go into the details just in case I spoil it for anyone.

What a show - and what an amazing cast of actors, especially Bryan Cranston. Now I've got to find another series to get hooked on.


Satisfying ending. It's the worst when the series finale pisses you off! Still, you can't been the finale of Six Feet Under :)

Breaking Bad was definitely one of the best shows for me and quite a good ending.

I can only hope that with great shows like Dexter and Breaking Bad wrapping up this year, we have some great unemployed writing talent out there to create a new amazing show.
Some suggestions for you;

Band of Brothers
Boardwalk Empire


Cheers Colin. I've sussed out boardwalk empire - seems pretty good.

I've been roped in to watch a few seasons of offspring with my wife.....I must confess, I don't actually mind the show. First it was purely for brownie points - but now it doesn't seem too bad.