Brett Johnson and Quartile Property

From: Donna L

Anyone heard of Brett Johnson and
Quartile Property Network? Had an
"invitation to an evening with". What are
these guys up to? It's a freebie.

Donna L
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From: Alan Hill


Grab the book by Fred and Brett Johnson.

It's not a waste of money for the usual $20-odd dollars and you'll get a firmer feeling of their direction without any hype. Not dissimilar to Jan's books in many respects.

They also produce a free Newsletter which you can subscribe to with a few tips and tricks which also just happens to include details of Developments they are currently involved with. :)

I've never had anything to do with them personally, but on the "Warning, warning, stay away!" scale, I don't get the impression they are too bad. Depends on what it is you are after. They've certainly been around for a while anyway.

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From: Sim' Hampel

I've read some comments on another forum that suggested that their company has ventured into areas which they themselves recommend against in their own book.

Such as buying into development project of large numbers of units (too much competition) and investing outside your region (they are heavily into QLD property right now)

I don't have anything to do with them. Read the book, it was okay, nothing terribly impressive - mostly a sales pitch for their company I felt. I am not suggesting they are dodgy, indeed they have been around for long enough for plenty of close scrutiny to have been made, so since there are no big warning signs around about them might suggest that they are not a bad company.

Do your own research and maybe let us know of your experiences !

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