Brett Johnson & Quartile

From: Donna L

Anyone heard of Brett Johnson and
Quartile Property Network.? I have
received an "invitation to an evening with".
Any idea what they are up to? It's a

Donna L
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From: Donna L

Sorry, just realised I have posted this a
few times. I kept getting error messages.

Donna L
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From: Chris Legg

Bretts father Fred Johnson is the author of many books about investing in residential real estate Fred was the founder of D F Johnson and associates which at one time was the biggest property manager in NSW
I read the latest book the Wealth Power of Property in 1998 and since he espouses a similar message to Jan I went ahead and bought my first IP with Quartile in Sydney as I felt I wanted someone to hold my hand
All has worked out well.
I will be going to the briefing on Wednesday night.
Yes they are selling something, currently they have a land development in Sydney and I think units on the Gold coast

See their web site

Lifes a beach a Caves

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