Bribie Island

From: Ian Parham

Good Evening All

I have a slightly unusual request to make.

A good friend of mine is looking at taking up an employment opportunity in Qld. as a result of a company 'purge' here in Sydney.

He is looking to find a 3Br house on, or around Bribie Island...not an investment, purely PPR (I believe this area is canal or river location, not sure).

Would any of you good folk who have property in, or knowledge of, this locale be kind enough to provide some feedback re: pricing, good and not so good issues, growth prospects and any other pertinent aspects he and his wife should consider before buying. Very general question I know, but if people are aware of any issues, he and I would both appreciate your input.

He has scoured a few realty websites but hasn't found a great deal on offer that isn't priced to target interstate investors.

Many thanks in advance,
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From: Ian Parham

Hello All

Surely there are some patriotic Qld. forum junkies (on this glorious Sunday arvo) who have an opinion on Bribie Island....please!!

Cheers Ian
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From: E L

Hello Ian
I'm not too knowledgable about the Bribie Island market but can pass on the following:
on the island there's the surfside and the quiet side. You're right in thinking parts of the island have canal development. The last time I was there, a couple of years ago now, it was very quiet and peaceful and not too much development. Further up the coast you've got smaller coastal suburbs like Beachmere. Neighbours of ours bought up there with the view of retiring. I've always thought Bribie Island might have potential in the years to come. Close to good road infrastrucutre, but the only problem is lack of industry nearby. My preference would be on the surfside, quiet lapping of the waves doesn't do much for me. But that's only my personal view.

Good luck
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From: Ian Parham

Good Evening EL & All

Thanks very much for your response, I will pass the info along.

Many thanks also to those of you who replied via e-mail, the feedback is appreciated!!

Cheers Ian
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