Bricklayers...How much?

What should I be budgeting to get a house-lot of standard size bricks laid on a level site in town? (About 8000 bricks, just the laying, not the supply) I think they work on a rate per thousand laid. Thanks. :)
(P.S. I typed in 'bricklayer' in the search engine but nothing in there.)
That'd be weird laying bricks then , being the sort of one after the after the other type of work it is.

I'd be like , 1 dollar - 2 dollars , 3 dollars , plip plop all day long for entertainment I think.

Indecently , how many bricks does a brickie lay each day anyway ?

I've been out of the building industry for a while but in bad times they were getting $400 per thousand and in good, $100 per thou. As has been stated, that doesnt include extras. (sills, arches, etc)

How many they can lay depends on a few factors. Good laborers, and skill. Say between 500 and 800 per day straight wall laying.