Brisbane - BIG Meeting

Does anyone know if there is one tonight and if so, who's speaking?

I couldn't find anything here or on the BIG website...

Well apparently there wasn't! What happened guys?

Turned up and met a few other perplexed people outside. I will be back next month however!
Glad I didn't make the drive!
But I wanted to start going to these...hope its back up and running for next month!
Definitely worth the time.

I have been going for six years, only missing meeting when overseas, never been a bad meeting in that time.

Twice I have arrived one week early since it's the last Tuesday of each month and those long months can get you!

See attached email from Craig...seems like the future of BIG is at risk!



  • Resolution Letter.doc
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Just want to register my interest as a non BIG member at present that i would like to become a member should Brisbane BIG continue. Would Brisbane BIG accomodate for Gold Coast investors willing to travel to Brisbane when deciding on meeting times?
It could be an issue that the old committee members resign and new members take their place.

But from reading the resolution letter it already seems that they're going to wind it up and have a big dinner before sending the leftover funds to the Mater.