Brisbane Freestylers

From: Greg Mowat

I just noted both negative and positive comments about Melbourne and Sydney freestylers meetings and wanted to put in my 2c worth.

I went to Brisbane Freestylers last night for the first time ever.
There wasn't a formal speaker as such but the meeting was chaired in a positive way giving everybody the chance to input.

As has been said it's the networking that makes the night. I spoke to various people about things I currently have no interest in as well as areas I was looking at. It was the ideas of the unrelated that pressed my buttons most and gave me a new perspective and approach to what I am doing.

From previous posts it looks like people are so busy trying to get that exact piece of info that they miss all the other gems being passed around (that probably combined would do more than what they were looking at anyway)

Great night well worth it.
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