Brisbane - need recommendations for solicitor, pest & building inspection

I am about to hunt for another IP in Brisbane - 10kms radius around CBD. I have been researching on the internet for northern and eastern suburbs, and will fly to Brisbane in a few weeks to drive around.

I would like to have some recommendations regarding conveyancing solicitors, and pest & building inspectors - so I will be ready when I find a suitable property.

Thank you in advance!
I've done a lot of work with David Sorban from Sciaccas Lawyers for conveyancing and have been very happy with them. The phone number is (07) 3867 8821.

I have contacts for B&P however do not have great experience in dealing with one individual company and as such would not be able to recommend them on experience. I can however pass on the phone number of a few local companies if you would like to try your luck.
another vote for twinspectors - used to pass them onto all my clients, always got a great report back and they were awesome to work with.

Warren Wood from Carter Capner would be my pick of solicitors...
Carroll Fairon Solicitors

Just south of Brisbane there's a firm I've been using for years - Carroll Fairon Solicitors.

The firm was originally Frank Carroll Solicitor (Frank has been in business for 30+ years and was a local MP back in the 90s) and changed to Carroll Fairon Solicitors last year. They're a boutique sized firm so they really set themselves apart from the bigger firms which tend to place you on hold and take ages to do a pretty standard job.

Frank's son Andrew Carroll is very good at conveyancing and property law in general so you could ask for him directly.

I can't recommend them enough! :)