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From: Steve Navra

Hi Ross,

"Brisbane property is red hot, this week being voted by Access Economics one of the three best investments in the country next to collectible banknotes and Sydney taxi plates."

Generally when headlines like this hit the press - it is TOO LATE to buy!

If you were one of the buyers who purchased at half the current price 18 months to 2 years ago then you have done brilliantly.

Hmmmmmmmmm, IMHO it might be better to stay a step or so in advance of the herd.


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From: Lotana Von Amor

So what do we buy now - Melbourne taxi plates perhaps?..

Say cheese,

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From: Robert Forward

I'm lovin Brissie at the moment.

I moved out of my VIC properties early last year, simply to take the cap gains from them.

Now all my other properties in Brissie are going absolutely magnificently. Though saying that I still think there are numerous areas in Brissie that haven't got the full Cap Growth that they will.

In other words, there is still deals happening in Brisbane. It now just takes a bit more time to locate and negotiate them.


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From: See Change

Steve / Lotana
You only need to look at the article to get an answer as to where the herd is heading.

"The Real Estate Institute of Queensland gives an indication of where the strong growth is coming from – basically inner-city suburbs"

It doesn't take to much brains to figure out that the herd starts in the middle and works out from there. Even one of Steve's favourite areas, logan, is showing more and more signs of life. When we started buying just after easter there were numerous houses going in the 60's . Now the lowest sale we've seen recently was 75 ( for freestanding house , not unit ) On sat, six bidders pushed a basic highset up to 87. This was about 12K above what was expected by the agent.

At that price it's still going to return a gross rent of close to 10%

see change

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From: Peter Henery

Just for fun ...We bought our first home in Brisbane in 1973 for the princely sum of $15,300. True. We sold it in 1980 (moved to Sydney) for $31,500. Today that same house is worth min. $150,000.
It's in the suburb of Coopers Plains , not inner city and not upmarket. You don't have to buy in the inner city. By all means buy as close in as you can afford, but it all increases in time.

Peter H.
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