Brisbane property

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Like most Melbourne property owners we have been fortunate enough to see our property more than double in the last few years.

We have also been lucky enough to have invested in Greenslopes and Hawthorne in Brisbane 2-3 years ago and our capital gains and rental returns there have been terrific.

We are thinking of venturing a little further out with our next investment purchase and my research via internet, newspapers etc shows Mitchelton to be a good prospect in terms of value for money. proximaty to the city, transport, and potential rental market with the army base. Catholic University etc. It also appears to have a reasonable mix of established and newer stock on the market. We have lined up a few properties in the area to investigate first hand.

We are flying to Brisbane on the weekend so would appreciate any feedback from forum members close to the ground in Brisbane as to your thoughts. We are looking at investing up to $250K and while a good rental return is important we are really looking for capital growth and a long term investment.


I know the Brisbane market fairly well but unfortunately do not know Mitchelton very well.

I would however suggest looking at Mt Gravatt on the South side as well. You would be able to get something pretty good there for $250K but it is mainly older housing. One of the main reasons I like Mt Gravatt is that in my opinion it is still undervalued considering the location to the freeway. Within 10 - 15 minutes you can be at 2 major shopping centres (Carindale or Garden City) as well as still being only the same travelling time from the City. Obviously being close to the freeway also gives you quick access to the Gold Coast.

You are probably familiar with this suburb anyway because it is only 2 suburbs from Greenslopes.

Maybe something to think about......although I love and own property on the north side of Brisbane, sometimes I think the south side wins hands down in terms of infrastructure (especially if you are right near the freeway).

Good Luck !

Mitchelton is my old hunting ground from school days. The prices in Mitchelton and the surrounding area has taken about 20-30% capital gains in the last 12-18 months. It was a forgotten suburb with very easy access into the city via the roads buses and the train.

There is very good infrastructure in the area in the way of shopping centres (Brookside) schools (public and private) and public transport, plus the beautification of the main shopping street in Mitchelton that occurred a few years back. My feeling on the area is that it will retain it's value easily enough and growth would be along the normal lines of the rest of Brisbane. And having the army close by is a good advantage.

By the way I currently don't own in the area or am selling in this area incase you think I'm upselling the suburb to get better prices for my properties, hehehe.....