Britain building first underground mansion

Proving just how much the housing market has gone through the floor, the go-ahead has been given for Britain’s first underground mansion.

Developers have announced plans for a £2m subterranean property, which will be entered via an unassuming door at ground level and descend up to 50ft below.

The main source of natural light will come from a dome window behind the front door. Many of the rooms are ‘wedge’-shaped, and surround a central atrium.

The main reception rooms and kitchen are located on the lower ground floor as well as the master bedroom suite.

The second level below will have two more bedrooms plus gym, swimming pool and jacuzzi.

The house will be heated by an underfloor heating system, while hot water will come from a large-scale ground source heat pump which uses heat exchange technology to capture warmth in the ground to heat the house.

its crazy check the photos out

dampness and concrete cancer aside - I don't think i could stay in it. I need to have windows and a view. Yes, you can have nice crisp digital panels and circulating air. But I want windows and the opportunity to open them, to see the view, listen to the birds and have a breeze coming through.

Who knows though, there has been endless sci-fi stories written where society moves and lives underground ("hundreds of miles of drains, sweeps them clean after the rains"). So maybe this guy is onto something!!!

It's a brave new world.

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