Broken Security Door from previous tenants

My previous tenants moved in the main security door worked without a problem. Six months later they are moving out and the latch on it is broken. (the bit that goes in/out into the actual house is stuck in so it just slams open and shut)

Is this reasonable to deduct from the bond the full cost of a locksmith to come out and fix it? As one would expect, the new tenant expects it fixed ASAP.

There argument is "it's wear and tear and was on it's way out. We 'just happened' to be in the place when it's time was up".

Fair wear and tear i'm afraid.

Taking it out of the bond would be a bit over the top, but the new tenant has the right for a servicable and safe security door.


I definitely see myself as open and fair but obviously with a lack of experience I thought I'd consult with the more experience folk on here to get a general feeling on this situation.
Don't get a locksmith though. Call a security door co. A new lock with a locksmith will cost you $60-100 a security door co should do it for $25-40.

PM me and let me know where is bris you are and I will give you some recommendations if I can.
If you know which end of a screwdriver to hold, you can get a new handle/lock mechanism from Bunning for about $50 and fit it yourself in < 10min!
when you say "the bit that goes into the house" and the door slams shut, do you mean the air compressor thing at the top of the door that allows the door to close gently behind you?

if so, they have a habit of breaking regularly and cost around $25 for a new one and no major work required as they just screw on to the door and frame.