Build a house in 4 mths

Thought it might be interesting to start a post on how we go with building a new home fast. We have bought a block of land 2mins from the beach which came with a preliminary approval from the council. We leave in mid August for 3 mths in France. Want to have the house built and ready to rent before we leave. Failing that, to lock up stage so we can finish inside when we get back in time to get the Christmas trade. We settled Tues, but while waiting to settle, have altered the plans and received the final sketch (not full working drwgs) back from the draftsman but must have title (which will be 3 weeks) to get a building permit. I have stuck to the same footprint and only altered one room to take in its outside patio, and extended the garage another 2mts (same as the house being built next door) and added a couple of windows that don't impact on the neighbours, so am praying this will be passed for permit without going back to council. I have designed the kitchen, (have the shaped glass exhaust fan already), and bathroom cabinetry and will get quotes soon, designed the staircase (central beam) and have the old recycled redgum treads already, tossing up against fake log feature fireplace (evidently these put out enough heat to heat 8 -10sqs now) or ducted heating. Decided against polished concrete floors and will go for tiles or floating floor, plush carpet upstairs, know all the fittings and have a lighting and plumbing chart made out for quoting purposes which we will get on to next week. Have paperwork in place to see if we can get gas on to property
Drawings in for engineering and full working drawings to be done, but was wondering if we would take the sketch down to see the council and get another preliminary ok before starting on full working drawings. Have to be away most of next week too, so think I will take a punt on letting the drawings go ahead. Will keep you posted
Good luck with that. We're just over a month into what is allegedly a "9-10 month process". They're drawing up the plans at the moment - we made some very minor changes to a standard plan (moved the windows in two rooms, raised the ceilings throughout to 2.7m) The waits seem to be booking in the soil test, the drawings themselves, wait for council approval (this is the longest - 3-6 months) and then right at the end, might be a wait for utilities/tradies to hook the house up to power, phone and water.