Hi, I have just joined forum and am looking for builder/developer partners who would be interested in my property in Brisbane, I have a 7,000 sqm property with a prestige house with tennis court that can be sub divided into another 4 elevated, NE aspect housing blocks. I have access through a property I have purchased next door and think the best way to maximise return is via a sale/development of the blocks or as a lot including 7 bedroom house with pool, 4 bedroom rental house and 4 blocks.

Any interest welcomed.

Have you considered gaining the approval yourself and then selling the blocks off separately

Council Application fee would only be $4180 -$6270
Planning Fees would only be $2500 plus GST

You would not need to pay infrastructure charges or surveying until under contract if you sold off the plan.
I think this guy is a troll, at least I hope he is.

I have had the most painful experience of my professional life just trying to get an address out of this guy, as apparently he can't see any links to my company and wants to know why I want the address of the property he is wanting to sell.

Any one else notice the way I hide my business names in my email addresses by actually having the company names and what sort of firm they are in there, covert hey, maybe I should be a spy.

He also doesn't trust my apparent ulterior motives for asking what the bloody address of the property is so I can plug it into my mapping software and see if I could indeed subdivide the block.

The secret is out, I have been a member of this site for almost a decade just so I can get the address of this property and do all sorts of nasty, spy like stuff while hiding behind my company name email addresses.

My cover is blown.

The deal of a lifetime comes across my desk nearly weekly, if this guy is real and unless it is an outstanding deal, life is too short.
Yes, sometimes I wonder why we can't get the address from a seller ?

If a seller needs/wants to sell their property, at least, tell us where it is so we can have a look.

If people can't look at the property how can they buy :confused: