Builders and Decks!

From: J Parker

HI all!
Just bought a house in Qld (hopefully, haven't got the building inspection report back yet!) and have a question for all those with experience (Michael Croft etc!).
The house I bought is ripe for a outdoor deck and I have a very good friend (builder) who may be able to build it for me for nix (we exchange favours!). However, because of where he lives, he is not able to easily come up early and draw up plans to submit it for council approval.
In order to have it all approved before I settle, I obviously have a dilemma here.
Can I pay another builder to draw up rough plans and have them submitted? Will a builder do just this for a fee? Any advice/experience would be welcomed here. Thanks all, Cheers, Jacque :)
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From: Michael Croft

Let your fingers do the walking! Try a draftsperson (Drafting Services), they should be able to do it all (short of build it) and for a modest fee (mine would charge about $120 plus council fees).

Michael Croft
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From: The Wife

Whats the deck going to add to your rent?

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From: J Parker

I've been told that in the area I bought in, decks are very popular and the house really lends itself to a deck. What is your experience in this area, TW? It's in the Balmoral/Hawthorne area. In your QLD experience, what have you found that adds rent?
I was also thinking of privatising the front patio as it's exposed at the moment and is not used much. Had the idea of replacing the wrought iron with timber railings and putting lattice up as a bit of a screen.

Going to polish the floors and replace the kitchen as well (definitely needs doing)- I'm looking forward to it all!

Cheers, Jacque :)
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