Builders - recommendations

Hi all,

So just put pen to paper on a new land lot... 15.13m frontage.. with uneven sides lengths (25.5 and 27.5). But otherwise 15m at the back. So relatively square.

Plan is not finalised so no angles or easements known. Have written some threads bout this elsewhere on somersoft - admittedly abit green but I have committed to the purchase contract so fingers crossed that I won't be screwed over. Going with Qube, so at least they're a more known name.

Just wondering what people would recommend for building a mid spec, affordable 4 x 2 house.

Land was about 295k, ideally building in PIara Waters, Perth, so need this to come to about 200-210k max (less is better - but only if it's value for money, not going for the el cheapo look or specs just to save on dollars, but wanting something to differentiate to renters and to appeal). That way the total house would come to about 500k. Full turnkey (so to get paint, blinds, fixtures/any fittings required).

I've seen a few builders... the ones that stand out for price/quality: Aveling, Ideal homes (undecided) and complete homes...celebration homes and Redink.

I'm abit undecided with Redink as a guy touring the Redink display home reckoned their price was high, but quality good, but the sister in law who was building a dale alcock home next door seemed to reckon looking into the open building site next door the quality of the sinks and bricks etc looked not that great... obviously personal opinions can differ, so I just wanted to get the majority feel of what builders to check out, and what to avoid.

Got told to avoid ventura, commodore?? Also first homebuyers centre or something along that lines seemed cheap (price and quality wise).

Liking Aveling's front inclines/presentation, not sure if becuase all of them are specced up in the pics. The consultant was very helpful too explaining what everything was in person.. not easy to get ahold off outside of hours though.. so not sure if service in person is a fascade.

Celebration Homes seemed to come in alright - but some say the quality is not that great for the price you pay? So i'm just downright confused. Celebration quoted about $175k for my 4x 2... site works is about a 8k fixed allowance for class A soil, I think it has no provisional amount as long as it stays class a when they drill (Correct me if I'm wrong). We estimated about the 30-40k (includes fat) to get it to full turnkey - aircond, flooring, window treatments, paint etc. The idea is that a team to paint woul dbe 4-4.5k, and I could do it myself for $500-600 with paint and brushes? Never painted before, but is this a bad idea on a new home lol.

Down payments for celebration homes were the 25/20/20/20 systems... redink meanwhile I overheard a down payment system before commencement, and a certain % on a constant basis, rather than at milestones, which unnerves me. Redink also quoted about $220k all up for full turnkey... again with 30-40k added in for finishings.

Complete homes came up most expensive - around 225k... but they did have a tailored lot for my specific lot already on before it was public knowledge even. They actually began advertising for specific lots in my estate as the sale was on, which i guess was quite cheeky/entrepreneurial, depending which way you look at it.

Would appreciate any feedback from people on choosing a builder at this price range and quality...I'm looking at maximising the living area to the maximum allowed site coverage of 218 m2 of my 398m2 block (45% open space requirements).... Will try and cheat with an open alfresco as big as reasonably can that doesn't count towards this site coverage allowance...

Saber, a few tips for you

- shorten your posts/replies as they are far too long. Most people will just glaze over and move on, especially if not viewing from a computer.

- You will find the best way is to talk to the builders and view their display homes to see what your getting yourself into. Especially the builders that are already building down their.

- You might want to look at the homeone forum and read threads of builds there to get an idea of the process and what to expect.

- Because of the amount of builds and the different no of trades on each builders books, no two outcomes could be the same thats why you hear good and bad experiences for each builder.

- Keep doing your research, narrow down your builders and go with who you feel comfortable with.

- Research build contracts and make sure you know what is and is not included in your contract.

- If you want to save money, consider doing things yourself like landscapping, painting,flooring,aircon,blinds etc. Pros and cons for this.

- For what its worth i am building with Ventura ID. Also had a mate build in piara waters, he used dale alcock, had quite a few problems but got there in the end.

Hope this helps
Some good advice there - yes your posts are little long with many many questions.

Anyway. Most builders will have their specifications brochure and you can try and compare. Many of the things will seem the same and they pretty much are but it's hard to quantify good design and workmanship.

I think with any of the builders you will find someone say 'omg don't use them' so take it with a grain of salt.

Do NOT paint yourself. If you have never done it you will do a crap job and believe me a whole house is a lot less fun than just one room.

If there is a certain elevation you like these are quite easily changed and put onto another design.