builder's warranty, help, celling damaged

My friend purchased an invest house property in Bonner in Canberra
in July 2010 from Maloneys Estate Agent.

At that time, there was no any visible trace of water leaking.

My friend was told late Wednesday afternoon (Sep 15) by my property rent agent (the same agent) that the mentioned property roof (at kitchen area) has water leaking problem, and my friend and I went there in the following Monday morning to have a look and then immediately contacted with the property inspector (before they purchased the property, the seller asked an inspector to perform the inspection on June 10) and the builder office. The builder then promised to have a look.

A guy from their office went to the property site on sep. 23 to have an inspection, and he told my friend there were several roof tile cracks and need to be fixed. He reject to tell my friend which extent of damage in the ceiling part and said that he would report to his office only.

Later that afternoon, the builder office said that they may help fix the tile problem, but they cannot help fix the ceiling damage problem . They claimed that the damage is more than one year. Actually, the house was just finished in the middle of last Dec , it has less than 10 months until this time point.

Also, if without the heavy raining in August or September, how can my friend know that the water leaving problem? This is the builder sole responsibilities.

My friend is very disappointed for their response to this matter and she felt being cheated by them. In fact, my friend purchased this property is less than 3 months (two months and 15 days).

Be aware of the fact that the seller and the builder may have close relatives.
The rent agent and the seller are from the same agent (Maloneys Estate Agent).

What can my friend do to get the problem solved? Maloneys Estate Agent suggested my friend to get if fixed, then claim from insurance company. I suggest my friend to get lawyer to sue the builder and building inspector, the house was built less than one year, the builder should have warranty for the property.

Thank you very much for your attention and help.

So you have 2 cracked tiles? It would be hard to know when they cracked and hard to blame this on the building inspector or builder I would think.