Building a "Bungalow" on a Californian Bungalow

I've bought a house recently (my first) and I'm trying to determine firstly whether my house is indeed a Californian Bungalow.

All the other Californian Bungalow's I look at seem to differ and have a front "decking" built over the entrence made of brick and concrete.

I was contemplating building one to my house as I feel the front is lacking some character, but will this be out of period for the home or am I on the right track ?

Sorry if my terminology is not quite accurate, im learning as I go along :)


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Looks like a post war home . It lacks character because it lacks gables and a front deck . I think the more gables the better but hey thats just me. Where is look to have a decent bit of land.
Who told you that was a Californian Bungalow? It seems a very long stretch to me I'm afraid. I have one myself and the style and the era are different.

Have a look at this style info.

As well as the parallel gables the really thick stone or rendered walls are another key characteristic so the cladding wouldn't look right.
Maloo - Yes it does lack a lot of character, It will be my PPOR so thats why I'm looking for ideas on how to bring it to "life".
I was looking at decking ideas, but was confused how a decking / gable would blend with a low roofline
House is in Melbourne - Pascoe Vale South and yes it does have decent land, with a huge backyard.

Softmonkey - I know its wrong to assume, but there are many properties that are similar in terms of cladding and roofline advertised as Californian Bungalows in my area, hence my assumption.

So you believe if I do a stone/rendered bungalow It will not suit the house at all, and I need to investigate other options?
Ok, so I've realised my description is way off after doing some reading, I was looking at the home below and using that as my base, but I realise now thats not a californian bungalow either.

Although I was using this as a base for ideas on what I could do with the frontage for my house

Both houses are definitely same era correct ?


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Both houses are definitely same era correct ?

Yes although I would say that the house in the second photo is at the start of the era and your house is at th ise end of the era.

Yours late 40's early 50's while the nice looking one is late 30's to early 40's

See what a bit of attractive trim around the windows and a verandah and a decent paint job can do to the facade?

Remember you only get one chance to make a first impression.


Thx for the feedback, definitely a new colour scheme and some sort of modification to the frontage including landscaping is in my new year plans :)

Yes the other house pictured is nice, but they are also asking a few hundred thousand more than the place I bought and is only around the corner...
That's how you make money, buy the worst house in an area with a wide price range, tart it up judiciously and then reap the benefits.

The other one sounds overpriced... if the land is the same the only difference is the improvements ...

good luck