Building Contract Process

Hi There

We have our drawings almost finalised for our house renovation and i think i am at the stage when i need to take these drawings to a builder to get a quote for the job.

Can anyone point me to a good source of information for this process? What information other than drawings does the builder need to quote for the job? What about materials etc. Do we supply him with a list of materials (bill or materials etc) or do we just rely on the materials that he will supply to complete the job?? Also how do we minimise variations to the contract? What can we build into the contract to minimise any "contractor imposed" variations etc?

This is a house we intend to live in so we want to ensure a quality job utlising quality materials etc. Any assistance, gotchas & pitfalls to watch out for would be greatly appreciated. Or contract templates etc.

The one i was inolved in of late was the archetict not quite getting the site heights correct, this resulted in the lovely 540 mm sunken lounge room turning into only 180mm to accomadate the garage, and adjoining driveway.