Building Inspections - Perth (pref SOR)

Hi all

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a company that does Building Inspection (and pests too)?
Was going to go with a recommendation of Barry at the Archicentre but he's going on holidays :eek:

Many thanks
I called up Jason from Resi Cert

He was really friendly and spoke through what he would do for a unit inspection. Concluded that it really isn't that necessary unless something looks wrong as there is a limited number of things which can be inspected as it is only a visual inspection. Gave me a few pointers of what to look for such as cracks, watermarks on the ceiling, shower etc. He even told me to call back if there is something I want to check verbally and he won't charge for it.

However as his advice was not to get one done since it's a unit, I don't know how thorough the report is.