Building Insurance

Sorry if this topic has been discussed over and over, and I did search for the topic here... it's just that I want some confirmation, again.

I've built a new house with a small-time builder and he wants to rent it out from me for 6 months or so to show his new clients. I was told he will register as a "home business" so I wouldn't find it hard to get home insurance.

But I'm not too sure about this. A "display home" insurance is twice the price (even without flooding included) and have asked the banks several times and explained the above but no one would accept it.

The most helpful was HIA Insurance where I asked them online and someone called me the next day and advised that the house is not a display home per se as it is not within a display village but I won't get a normal home insurance either. The best thing to do is to talk to the builder and get his broker to get a building insurance in our name for the duration of the lease.

I think this is what I will do but has anyone else have another idea on what and how to get a proper insurance for our house? :confused:

Thanks in advance.
If he wants to occupy the premises on any other basis than a residential purpose then he can pay all outgoings ie full insurable value, water/council rates etc.